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Blackboards UK Chalkboardsuk Chalkboard, A-Frame Blackboards, Chalkboard pens, Rustic Chalkboards.Chalk Artist, Chalk Frames,

Rustic Blackboards raindow pack mixed 5 ml.


Snap Frames Black Snap frame with chalk poster horizontal_solution_PP Stencil Set 50ml rainbow 5 ml single white-001.

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UK Chalkboards, Chalkboard

A4 table tops and chalkpen a-board-black-228x228

Uk Chalkboard Artist, Blank Blackb0ards UK, Framed Chalkboards

Uk Chalkboard Artist, Blank Blackboards, Liquid Chalkpens , Posters

A4 table tops and chalkpen


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Why are chalkboards important for your business..?


Using chalk boards to promote your business is a cheap and cost effective way to display your offers to potential passing customers either on the high street, road side or within your pub, shop, cafe or restaurant.

The versatility of being able to change your chalkboard message quickly and easily creates opportunities to inform the customer of current and up to the minute deals in an instant. No waiting for costly posters or signs to be printed and the choice of being able to move your blackboards around to area's of high foot-fall throughout the day.


One of the other great reasons, is that chalkboards give your business that personal touch as opposed to mass produced glossy posters that customers become blind to and just 'part of the furniture'.!


After all, if you displayed the same newspaper for days on end people would stop reading it, change your chalkboards on a regular basis and it will be you creating your own daily news.!



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Pub Chalkboards

raindow pack mixed 5 ml.

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Freestanding Chalkboards, Chalkboard, A-Frame Blackboards,

Freestanding Chalkboards, Chalkboard, A-Frame Blackboards,